Plutus Chain, is among one of the many alternatives you can look at. 普利拓斯是可取代以太坊的创新区块链之一

The more interesting trend underway is how blockchain opportunities are starting to materialise for DeFi and Fintech, instead of pure speculation. 正在进行的更有趣的趋势是,分散式金融和金融科技开始逐渐出现区块链机会,而不是纯粹的投机活动。

How Smart Contracts Bring Real-World Improvements? 智能合约如何带来现实世界的改善?

Decentralised finance projects boomed in 2020. What can investors expect from it in these next 12-months? 去中心化金融项目在2020年增长迅猛。在接下来的12个月中,投资者可以从中获得什么期望?

Look forward to smart contract upgrades & a new rebasing feature.

What’s in store for Plutus Capital in 2021

With so many new developments in the financial technology industry this year, here are three that show growth potential in the new year.

Will decentralized finance & cryptocurrency be boosted under the new US President-elect’s term? Here are the possibilities. 在美国新当选总统任期内,分散的金融和加密货币是否会得到提振?以下是可能性。

What a Biden Presidency Means for FinTech | Plutus Capital

Find out how to be rewarded with PLT on the crypto exchange when you register as a new user, trade actively, or stake PLT. 了解如何在注册为新用户后利用加密货币交易来获取PLT

Trade Plutus Tokens on DigiFinex from November 11, 2020 | Plutus Capital

What are the possibilities for financial control when FinTech & DeFi come together? Find out here. 当金融技术和分散金融融为一体时,进行财务控制的可能性是什么?

Overcome challenges like big value collaterals & high interest rates on borrowing money, with digital lending apps running on blockchain technology. 通过在区块链技术上运行的数字贷款应用程序,克服了诸如抵押品价值高,借贷利率高等挑战。

FinTech Lending Apps Make Borrowing Money Easy, Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital allows anyone & everyone access to financial services for full control of your funds & financial investments.

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